Anti-smoking and anti-smoking

I have a friend who has been vaccinated three times and smokes heavily, and I know a antivacunas militant who is also a fierce anti smoking. From here, who is favored by the mortality statistics, which are reviewed every day before leaving home? Note that the first delves into a vice that undoubtedly damages him, while the second refuses to undergo an injection that improves his options. Given that rationing health care to the unvaccinated is seriously considered, this punishment has already been considered against smokers who persisted in their addiction. It has never prospered, now it would easily pass the filter of public opinion. Against the unimmunized, not against nicotine addicts.

You can be in favor of the vaccine, by medical criteria but above all solidarity, and against the covid passport. Fernando Simón does not see “much sense & rdquor; to the viral certificate, given that the majority of the population has been vaccinated. In addition, people in possession of such documentation can infect and be infected, a side effect in which the emphasis was rationed. To compare with the usual safe-conduct, the passports required at the borders would be of little use if it were determined that an appreciable percentage were false.

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Human behavior is not consistent, not even in a pandemic. When Jesus Christ raises “he who is blameless, cast the first stone & rdquor; to the Pharisees, did not suspect that he would find more cutter candidates than in ‘The Life of Brian’. The health police who will control passports in restaurants can also stop those who eat a menu high in cholesterol, or drink alcohol without moderation. And by the way, take a tour of the pharmacology of the toilets. Faced with contradictions, orthodoxy proclaims that the progression of the pandemic cannot be accepted without reacting. The cry comes from the planet that has only taken a strategic measure against the apocalyptic climate change, advance Christmas shopping.

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