Anti-Semitism creeps to win the Holocaust with covid

Jerusalem. Protesters protesting against the media used to suppress Covid-19’s propaganda and comparing it to some Jews during the Nazi persecution feeding the world anti-Semitism, the Israeli government said in a statement with the motto of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day .

Tales of the Holocaust were “generalized” and, together with violent demonstrations related to the Israeli war in Gaza in Mayo, the main elements of the physical attacks were carried out online against the Jews in Europe and North America this year. passed, here the information of 152 pages of the Ministry of Asuntos of the Diaspora.

Various political and British politicians have been accused in recent months of suggesting that evacuation policies or the record of detention under Hitler’s regime.

Some demonstrators oppose the controls applied to the pandemic, which turned yellow stars as the Nazis forced them to use European judges.

There are many demonstrations that the knowledge of genocide victims is deteriorating, according to the information, and it seems that some agitators have “consumed and defied anti-Semitic conspiracy theories concerning the judiciary and those responsible for the crisis and the use of it. , global domination, economic benefits, etc. “.

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