Anti-corruption calls for 21 years in prison for the former mayor of Torredembarra for the collection of commissions

  • He accuses him of the crimes of continued prevarication, passive bribery and falsification in commercial document

  • He also accuses 16 other people and 18 companies

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office asks 21 and a half years in prison for Daniel Massagué, former mayor of the CDC of Torredembarra (Tarragonés) for allegedly receiving irregular payments in exchange for adjudications when he was in charge of the consistory. He also asks for 35 years of special disqualification from public office.

In an accusation letter, to which Europa Press has had access, presented in the Court of Instruction Number 1 of El Vendrell, the public prosecutor accuses him of the crimes of Continued prevarication, passive bribery and for a continuous crime of falsification in a commercial document. In terms of civil liability, he asks to compensate the consistory with 443,934 euros.

According to the public prosecutor’s document, in the extraordinary session of the plenary session of the Torredembarra City Council on June 21, 2011, the resolution of the road cleaning service management contract with the until then concessionaire, Cosbapsa, was agreed. Instead, provisional measures were agreed in the record of modification of the contract for the service and transport of waste in the municipality of Torredembarra, which was awarded to the Nordvert company.

Trust abuse

The prosecutor Jose Grinda, in charge of this cause, embryo of the 3% case, affirms that Massagué “got the majority abusing the position of trust and superiority with respect to the councilors who voted in favor“and” prevented both the secretary and the auditor from reporting in person at said plenary session, stealing the knowledge of their negative reports from said councilors. “

For this, those responsible for Nordvert, “by mutual agreement” with Massagué, made him “various payments” on the condition that he “act in favor of his company.” The prosecution maintains that during the term of the contract “there were several cash receipts” in the accounts of the accused for an amount of 26.935 euros.

Other commissions

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In his account of events, he maintains that between 2009 and 2013 “public works in the town of Torredembarra were awarded to the company Teyco SL, in exchange for financial compensation received by Daniel Massagué“. For this, the then mayor used three mercantile companies of which he had control. It awarded tenders related to a parking lot, the water service and the reform of a police station.

There are also awards between 2009 and 2014 to Vicsan Torredembarra and Griñó Ecològic, “which were determined by various deliveries of money.” The prosecution also charges 16 other people and 18 legal entities.

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