ANTAD partner sales grew 9.3% in November

Comparable sales for affiliates of the National Association of Self-Service and Department Stores (ANTAD) grew 9.3% annually during November, their highest growth for an eleventh month, at least since 2012.

However, the result broke the double-digit trend of the previous two months (11.6% in October and 10.1% in September) and signified a slowdown.

At total stores (including those opened in the last 12 months), the annual growth was 11.2%, linking its third month with double-digit growth.

It should be remembered that in that month the Good End edition was held, where although the goal of 239,000 million pesos registered in 2020 was not exceeded, the established commerce sector of Mexico reported that the average commercialization per day was 38% higher than consumption in 2020, which meant an activity of 27,000 million pesos in average sales per day during the Good End 2021 event, when compared to 19,900 million pesos during 2020.

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