The drop of a tree on the street Portal of Santa Madronain the neighborhood of Ravalhas caused the scare of the driver of a cleaning vehiclewho has seen how the plant collapsed about his car around the 10:30 a.m. this Thursday. Although the man has left unscatheda woman who witnessed the events, which occurred near the Maritime Museumhas suffered a crisis of anxiety.

Its about second tree that ceases in Barcelona in just two daysafter last Tuesday the drop of a tree great size block the traffic in the Arago street.

Scare next to the Maritime Museum

A tree It has been collapsed this Thursday morning on a municipal cleaning vehicle and one streetlight on the street Portal of Santa Madronain the neighborhood of Raval. Luckily the driver was able to get out. unscathed of your vehicle. The events, witnessed by betevé, have taken place right next to the Maritime Museumand have caused the Urban Guard cordon off the area for more than one hour to carry out the withdrawal From the tree.

A woman who was in a terrace of a nearby bar to the scene has suffered a Anxiety Attack, so it has been transferred to CUAP Ciutat Vella-Pere Camps. Finally, it has not been necessary to transfer to the hospital.

trunk samples

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Although unknown the species of the tree and reasons of its fall, the workers have collected samples of trunk to analyze and determine the Causes behind the incident.

Its about third fallen tree in Barcelona in the last week and a halfafter the collapse of a large tree in the Arago street and another in Guinardo. In addition, they also fell branches of a tree Les Cortes.

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