Another hopeful mural vandalized in Chinatown

It’s really frustrating because in the end it’s the small businesses that suffersays Bradley Spence, CEO ofeeveesa company that specializes in the sale of Segways and electric scooters.

Video captured by the store’s surveillance camera shows an individual using spray paint on the outside wall of the nearby store, Ten Ren Tea, covering up part of the mural by artist Seeroro, aka Carolyn Wong.

I wouldn’t say we were anticipating something like this, but it’s not surprising, and it’s always disheartening when it happens.says Jordan Eng, the president of the Chinatown Business Improvement Association (BIA), the organization behind the artistic project, which pays tribute to the Chinese community and its traditions.

An image from a security camera showing a person using spray paint.

The security camera of the eevees business shows a person drawing graffiti on the outside wall of a nearby business, the Ten Ren Tea, on which the mural had been painted.

Photo: eevees

Shortly after the surveillance cameras of his business captured the images of the vandal, Bradley Spence recognized the criminal in the street. He first called the 911 emergency line, but the operator reportedly refused to send a police car to the scene.

He therefore decided to confront the suspect himself, while filming him using his phone: At the time, I didn’t really think about what I was doing. I think it’s all the frustration of the last few months that made me act.

The neighborhood is plagued with a recurring problem of vandalism and graffiti. Bradley Spence’s business has had to pay more than $30,000 in repairs since it opened 14 months ago. He even admits to sometimes waking up at night to watch the surveillance cameras: I’m glad I had the chance to tell her my way of thinking.

Vancouver police said, via email, they have identified the suspect and are continuing their investigation. But Bradley Spence believes the authorities aren’t doing enough. He would like to see greater accountability of wrongdoers. I believe these people should be required to clean up the graffiti themselves. It’d probably have more impact than a fine they’ll probably never payhe believes.

He would also like to see greater public accountability. What is surprising is that, in the 20-minute video, several passers-by walked beside the person without intervening, some were even in a group., says Bradley Spence. He believes witnesses should, at a minimum, call the police and report wrongdoing.

A graffiti on a wall.

A graffiti asking for respect for Vancouver’s Chinatown district.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Justine Beaulieu-Poudrier

Jordan Eng, meanwhile, acknowledges the support of members of the graffiti artist community: There is an unwritten law in this community that prohibits the destruction of other artists’ art. There’s a condemnation of this kind of wrongdoing.

He believes that vandalism is a symptom of a larger social problem that society should address. I’m sad for the people who experience the harm, but also for the people who engage in this kind of destructive behavior. They also have their own problemsdoes he think.

Although they are not violent crimes, these gestures violate, according to him, the right of the members of the community to live in a calm and pleasant environment.

It goes beyond the impact on businesses. We have several seniors who live in the neighborhood Chinatown since a long time. It is important that these people can continue to feel proud of their neighborhood and their community.believes Jordan Eng.

An elderly person sits in a transport chair, in front of a mural painted on a building in Chinatown, Vancouver.

A new mural has been painted on a building in Chinatown, Vancouver, by artist Carolyn Wong, aka Seeroro.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Justine Beaulieu-Poudrier

He hopes people will continue to come and visit the neighborhood and support businesses and the community: We need Vancouverites and tourists to continue to frequent the streets of Chinatown. The merchants will welcome you with joy.

The mural, meanwhile, should be cleaned and restored over the next few weeks.

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