Annual Remembrance Days Ceremony | Joe Biden must deliver a speech against anti-Semitism

(Washington) Joe Biden must deliver a solemn condemnation of anti-Semitism on Tuesday at the Capitol, at a time when the White House denounces incidents that occurred during pro-Palestinian demonstrations in American universities.

His address to Congress comes as part of the annual Days of Remembrance ceremony, organized by the US Holocaust Museum on Capitol Hill.

The Democrat will “recommit to keeping in mind the lessons of this dark chapter” of History, according to the White House.

“This year’s ceremony is particularly serious, since it is being held seven months after the attack by the terrorist group Hamas on Israel on October 7, with the heaviest toll in Jewish lives since the Holocaust. Since then, anti-Semitic incidents have seen a worrying increase across the country and around the world – most recently in the form of violence and hatred during some university protests,” the US executive said in another statement, which details initiatives targeting campuses in particular.

Among them, a new circular from the Department of Education specifies what constitutes anti-Semitic discrimination. An informative document since education is not a federal jurisdiction in the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security will implement new online resources for universities.


The Department of Foreign Affairs, for its part, will bring together the big names in technology to better identify and combat anti-Semitic speech on the internet.

The US president’s speech comes days after his first remarks on student protests against Israel’s war in Gaza.

He had previously remained silent for several days, which had sparked criticism from both the Republican and Democratic camps in the middle of an election year.

Jewish students have been alarmed by an increase in anti-Semitic acts and rhetoric since October 7, and Israeli President Isaac Herzog last week denounced “reputable universities” which, according to him, are “contaminated by hatred”.

Joe Biden “will reaffirm that we respect and protect the fundamental right of freedom of expression, but that anti-Semitism must not be tolerated on campus or elsewhere.

His spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre

Many Jewish students took part in the pro-Palestinian mobilization against the actions of the Israeli government.

The American president raised the issue of anti-Semitism on Monday during a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Order must prevail”

American campuses have been shaken for several weeks by demonstrations opposing the war waged by Israel in Gaza.

Across the country, police have been called on several occasions to dismantle encampments and dislodge demonstrators manu militari.

Columbia University in New York, the epicenter of this pro-Palestinian student movement, announced on Monday that it was “giving up” its grand graduation ceremony.


Columbia University in New York, the epicenter of this pro-Palestinian student movement, announced on Monday that it was “giving up” its grand graduation ceremony.

The prestigious establishment will favor more modest events for security reasons according to him, after three weeks of anger condemned by Joe Biden and repressed by the police.

Six months before the presidential election, in a polarized United States, the Democratic president spoke last week to affirm that “order must prevail” on campuses, while affirming that there was no question of “to silence people”.

His Republican opponent Donald Trump accused him of inaction in the face of the pro-Palestinian movement: “They are radical left-wing weirdos and they must be stopped now.”

The 81-year-old Democrat also attracts criticism from progressive elected officials in his party, who accuse him of ignoring the demands of students, and of turning a blind eye to the suffering of Palestinian civilians.


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