Announcement of hiring 500 Cuban doctors for the health system

The Mexican government will hire more than 500 Cuban doctors to resolve the existing deficit of general practitioners and specialists, reported President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“This is what leads us to make this decision to hire more than 500 doctors who will already be working to fulfill the purpose we have made of guaranteeing the right to health, medical care, medicines, tests or free clinical studies for those without social security. We already started, but we have this deficit that we are solving.”

During the conference offered daily at the National Palace, the Mexican president reported on the hiring of Cuban doctors to work in Mexico.

“We made this decision because we don’t have the doctors we need in the country.”

“We signed a cooperation agreement that fundamentally includes health, that they can go to train general practitioners as specialists in Cuba; We are going to award scholarships for this purpose (…) We have a shortage of general practitioners and specialists. We can have hospitals, but we don’t have paediatricians, and even more so if it comes to going to work in hospitals in poor areas, because medical professionals, because they have families and want to work where their children can go to school or have better conditions for its development”.

Last November, El Economista reported that the Health Institute for Welfare (Insabi) did not plan to grant permanent positions to health personnel hired to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, as President López Obrador promised.

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