Spending time playing video games in his basement studio could become a lucrative career for a 17-year-old from Angus, Ont.

Avery Irvine has been rated in the top 1,000 out of 840,000 people worldwide who play the video game ‘Valorant.’

Roughly 15 million people play that particular video game each month.

Last fall, the Angus teen finished in the top five in an international competition hosted by the Luminosity Academy, one of the top-rated esports organizations in North America.

As a result, he’s now being mentored by some of the top gamers across the globe to create their own content.

“I’ve met some of the most famous creators on the planet, and some of which I have watched since I was seven years old,” Irvine said.

“I always like saying, you never lose, you either win or you learn, and anyone can do whatever they want, you just got to put the work in, have the effort and have the heart.”

The teen’s goal is to reach the Esports scene, enter tournaments around the world and compete for money and prizes.

In the meantime, he said he plans to continue streaming and creating Youtube videos.

“I want to be the greatest Twitch-streamer in the world.”

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