Back on the career of the future former German chancellor, Angela Merkel

Born in 1954 in Hamburg, Angela Kasner c “is her maiden name, grew up in East Germany.

It was a choice of his father, a Protestant pastor. It is from him that she has an attachment to “Christian values”, as she will confide later.

She made brilliant studies in chemistry, obtaining a doctorate.

She entered politics in the early 90s, in the CDU, the conservative party, then led by the imposing Chancellor Helmut Kohl. He will be her mentor for a long time.

Discreet and hard-working, Angela Merkel managed to take the head of the party in 2000, then entangled in an illegal financing scandal.

Five years later, she pulled off an electoral victory on the wire, and there she was the first woman to lead Germany.

She will be re-elected three times in 2009, 2013 and 2017.

Donald Trump et les migrants

She served four terms during which she imprinted the image of a determined woman, knowing how to stand up to world leaders, almost exclusively male. As evidenced by his sometimes tense relations with Donald Trump.

Faced with the tempestuous American president, Angela Merkel finds herself catapulted “leader of the free world”, because of her unwavering attachment to democratic values.

It also stands out with its position in favor of welcoming refugees, in the midst of the migration crisis in 2015. Welcoming a million Syrian and Iraqi refugees to Germany, “we’ll make it“she says, against all odds.

The fact remains that this will contribute to the entry into parliament, two years later, of a far-right formation. Unthinkable until then, in post-war Germany.

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“Mutti” and the Covid-19

The Covid-19 health crisis gives Angela Merkel the opportunity to regain popularity. Like a good scientist, she takes the time to explain. And its decisions will enable Germany to weather this crisis better than many other European countries.

The one that all Germans affectionately nickname “Mutti”, “mother”, therefore bows out at 67, after 16 years at the head of the country.

She who was considered “the most powerful woman in the world“intends to reconnect with a simpler life. Of the simplicity that made it popular.

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