Andrés Lima and Animalario, Christa Leem 2022 award

  • Miquel Iceta, Minister of Culture and member of the collective One of ours that awards the award, will present the award on June 27.

  • With it, “scenic excellence” and the “profound and rigorous political and aesthetic commitment to society” of the director and the company are recognized.

The Barcelona collective One of oursmade up of professionals from diverse areas united by the same progressive vision, from a political, social and human point of view, has awarded this year the Christa Leem award to theatrical director Andrés Lima and the various technical and artistic teams that have made up the company Animalario (‘Alexander and Ana’, Urtain’, ‘Hamelin’). The prize is awarded to a director and a stage project that fit perfectly with the collective’s political and social vision. The award recognizes “the high degree of scenic excellence, together with the deep and rigorous political and aesthetic commitment to society and the time they have lived through”.

Miquel Iceta, Minister of Culture and member of One of Ours, will present the award in an event to be held at the Hotel Oriente on the Rambla in Barcelona on June 27, a piece created on purpose, coming from the workshop of the painter and designer Pilar Villuendas.

The award, canceled last year due to the health crisis, was created in 2006 and pays homage to the free spirit of Christa Leem (1953-2004), a well-known artist from Barcelona in the 1970s, renewed striptease and cabaret. She seduced not only the Barcelona public, but also big names in the world of culture such as the visual poet Joan Brossa.

Theater director, but also author and actor, Lima is considered one of the great characters of the theater scene. He is currently preparing an adaptation of ‘Paraíso Lost’, by John Milton, a co-production of the Grec-Focus Festival and the National Dramatic Center that will premiere at the Grec theater this summer.

Lima won the National Theater Award in 2019 and has won five Max Awards for ‘Hamelín’ (2006), ‘Marat-Sade’ (2008), ‘Argelino, servant of two masters’ (2009), Urtain (2010) and ‘ Shock (The Condor and the Puma)’ (2020). Animalario was also awarded the National Theater Award in 2005, for ‘Hamelín’, a play by Juan Mayorga.

From Salvador Allende to Patti Smith

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In its thirteen years of existence, the Christa Leem award has been granted to civic figures such as Salvador Allende or Baltasar Garzón, people as prominent as the poet Marcos Ana, personalities from the world of music such as Patti Smith, Joan Manuel Serrat and Niño de Elche or actors and actresses like Núria Espert, among others.

In the thirteenth edition, the award returns to Hotel Oriente, located on La Rambla. One of Ours considers that Barcelona artery as the street that best expresses the libertarian and creative force of the city, with moments of emergence that he wants to vindicate, such as the years that the artists Ocaña and Nazario made it their own.

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