Andrea Fuentes has become one of the protagonists of the World Swimming Championships in Budapest. His image jumping into the pool to rescue his pupil Anita Alvarez, when she had lost consciousness after finishing her exercise in the final of the artistic swimming free solo, she has gone around the world. She was a heroine against her will and during the last few hours she has become the obligatory guest on television and radio stations all over the planet to explain the sensations that assailed her in such a dramatic situation.

“At that time I didn’t think, I just told myself you have to get there as fast as you can, bring it to the surface and make it breathe,” he explained Thursday. Andrew Fuentes, happy because everything was in a scare and Anita Alvarez, 25 years old, he is in good condition, resting and eager to compete, although pending what the federation doctors decide.

It all happened in a matter of seconds. Anita Alvarez he finished his exercise in the free solo, and when the music stopped, instead of leaving the pool, he sank into the water. His teammates, present in the stands, went from cheering his performance to being perplexed by what was happening.

Andrea Fuentes herself quickly realized that something was wrong, because this is not the first time that Álvarez has fainted in the water. In the execution of her exercises, swimmers are often required to the maximum, especially when they perform apneas. “Athletes look for the limit of the body and sometimes we find it & rdquor ;, he explained Sources to the microphones of El Larguero de la SER after a day with skyrocketing heartbeats. The current US coach won two Olympic silvers in Beijing 2008 and a silver and a bronze in London 2012 during her time as an athlete with the Spanish team.

Screaming and slapping

Sources he tried to get the attention of the lifeguards so that they jumped into the water. But seeing that they did not react, she did not hesitate and jumped into the water to rescue her. “I just thought that she wouldn’t get to the bottom of it. I saw how she was sinking and I swam as fast as I could, even faster than when I won an Olympic medal & rdquor ;, he recalled this Thursday. “The clothes weighed me a lot, but I managed to bring them to the surface with the help of an assistant and we took them out of the pool & rdquor ;.

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Medical assistance arrived quickly and took her to the medical center attached to the pool, while Andrea Fuentes He was trying to make her react. “I tried to wake her up in every way, with screams, with slaps and then with the medical team we did a maneuver that consists of squeezing the nail of the little finger very hard, because it is a point that activates the adrenaline and that is how she woke up suddenly and started yelling, You’re hurting me! So I thought, OK, that’s it.”.

After resting throughout the night, the American swimmer is fine and has been seen during the day with the rest of her teammates at the hotel, although the decision of whether to return to the water to compete will be made by Sources along with the rest of the technical team depending on how it evolves in the next few hours. “She says that she is fine, but let’s wait and see what the doctors say & rdquor ;.

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