‘Anda ya’ (Los 40) signs Master Joao as his new collaborator

Master João add a new professional project. After his time as a commentator in the first issue of ‘Secret Story’, the viewer and former participant of reality shows such as ‘GH VIP’ and ‘Survivors’ file as a new contributor to ‘Anda ya’, the morning program of Los 40, in which it will have its own section.

Using the visit he made to announce the news, Joao gave a preview of what the first installment of his section will be, in which “he will give us the news in front of anyone else & rdquor; , as he himself stated.The presenters of the program, Dani Moreno, El Gallo & rdquor; and Cristina Boscá (current collaborator of ‘Secret Story’), who asked the viewer several questions.

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Among his first predictions for ‘Anda Ya’, is the difficult moment that Cristiano Ronaldo will soon experience; the announcement of either a quick wedding or a drastic Jennifer Aniston haircut, and that the lucky number is currently 7, ending with the recommendation of a ritual for happiness.

Master Joao has an important career in the world of media. The futurist was a contestant on ‘Survivors 2018’, which lasts a total of 84 days in the Cayos Cochinos of Honduras. A year later he had a contestant on the seventh edition of ‘GH VIP’ and the first of ‘El tiempo del discount’, establishing a good friendship with Adara and Gianmarco. In addition, he was also one of the residents of the apartment of ‘Solo / Sola’, the Mitele Plus reality show.


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