And, suddenly, Madrid begins to tremble

I was reluctant to write about it because I couldn’t quite believe it. I don’t know, I thought it was a matter of four envious enlightened ones. Or of four faithful colleagues to Florentino Perez, which protected the immense work of the powerful president of the Real Madridfearful, perhaps, that the appearance of the Barça 2.0, of success, who knows, of ‘baby Barça’, overshadow the 17-point advantage that the white club takes over the azulgranas in LaLiga or that lavish flying saucer, modern and highly technologically advanced, into which they have turned the Santiago Bernabeu.

I insist, I thought it was a bar affair, almost Twitter, but given the reaction of all of Madrid to the joy it has caused (ok, yes, possibly excessive, I understand, but you have to take into account where Barça comes from ) in the ‘gent blaugrana’ the good game, the courage and, above all, the consolidation of the idea that the best youngsters have Barça (in the white starting line-up in Riyadh, there were only two Spaniards: Carvajal and Nacho) , I have no choice (you will forgive me) but to write about it.

Madrid, leader

17 extra points, having eliminated them from the Super Cup, with a galactic stadium, with a powerful president (and, on top of that, a friend, now, of Joan Laporta, an unpleasant matter for many culés and nothing explained by the Barça president), accounts reorganized, signing of Kylian Mbappé almost closed, team round, coach sir, viniciusBenzema, the fashionable couple in Europe, what happens to the whites to be so angry and restless by the joys of the Catalans?

It is true, very true, that Madrid has always been very given to grandiose stories, to talk about everything good that it has, that it works, while in Barcelona, ​​in Catalonia, a destructive self-criticism has always prevailed (almost). For example, the ‘Vini’-Benzema duo is devastating… in attack, but it doesn’t defend anything, zero, but that doesn’t count. Or nothing is said when a boy of just 1.78 meters, Ansu Fati, flies over and thrashes the heads of nacho fernandez (1.80), Eder Militao (1.86) and even the endlessly long arms of Thibaut Courtois (2.00).

But in the mockery that I see in all the media in Madrid about the awakening of Barça (you know that I do not defend Laporta’s “we are back!”, but the “we are coming back” from the locker room) it is evident that there is a certain residue of the ‘was Mourinho’. And even an aftertaste to the impressive moment of Barça Pep Guardiola. And to the transplant of that team and way of playing the national team, which Madrid likes so much. And it may, of course, be that many fear that this will be repeated when, certainly, today, January 13, 2022, it seems (is) impossible.

The ‘baby Barça’

And it is that if it is repeated, it will happen hand in hand, again, with Barça, because the boys who, in the next world, they will be the marrow of Spain (the selection of them and then yes they will be fantastic), they will be Ferran Torres, Ansu Fati, Gavi, Nico, Eric García, Pedri…and they may not like that idea. Or dislike them. And more if they think that this ‘baby Barça’ is surviving (and it scared them, and a lot, in Riyadh) without Neymar, Suarez, Messi Y Griezmann, who left, leaving Barça naked.

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Because that could be, you see, another of the reasons that they dislike, that provokes anger. These guys are beyond broke! almost disappear! they were bankrupt! and file, they get into debt (when Goldman Sachs close the loan of 1,500 million euros, Barça will owe 3,000 million), they juggle to register their players, the salary limit corrodes them, they carry out fictitious operations such as the renewal of Samuel Umtiti, they will shade us with the ‘Barça space’, with a facelift Camp Nou splendid and they show up in Riyadh with what they are wearing, with a team caught with pins, of boys coming out of injury and Covid-19 and they force an extension in a game that we should have won with one hand.

It is possible that all the white opinionologists realized last night that, after Real Madrid achieved its fifth consecutive victory against Barça and reached 100 wins in this universal duel, defeat is closer than ever, since Barça 2.0 begins to stand out, he has put fear in everyone’s body to the point of forcing the irony of writing: “Wow! It seems that the team that is going to play the final on Sunday is Barça, what is all the euphoria about?” . to your fear.

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