And Marco ‘Ausencio’ kept silent at the Bernabéu

The Balearic has gone from insignificance to being a benchmark for Real Madrid and its third goalscorer. A change that started in 2019 and in which Ancelotti is key.

Social networks were fuming and Frame ‘Absence’name with which the networks have baptized the madridista for his indolence, was a Trending Topic in Twitter. The Balearic appeared on the balcony of his area to retrieve a ball and gave in to his goalkeeper, but Peter Pons got in the way, stole the ball, dribbled past Courtois, and when the crowd feared the worst, he incomprehensibly threw her out. The whistle was monumental for Asensiowho seconds later received an attacking pass, cut inside and nailed a left-footed shot into the top corner Pacheco. From villain to hero. Frame He ran to the pennant to celebrate the goal, but his anger got the best of him. He first ordered the stands to shut up and then asked to support Madrid by biting the shield. His gesture is as undiplomatic as it is surprising in a player whom part of the fans describes as ‘cold-chested’, a very Argentine soccer term. However, that vindictive gesture reveals the Majorcan’s step forward.

Inflection point

Everything changed in the head of Asensio in 2019. The knee injury changed many things, to begin with he realized who was by his side and who was out of interest. In addition, the long recovery sessions helped her establish a demanding physical routine that she maintains with personalized work at home with a personal technician. Another thing she discovered was the importance of proper nutrition. She to the point of associating with Mark Llorente, fan of the paleolithic diet, to found ‘Bombastic‘, a restaurant that bets on healthy food whose motto is applicable to this new version of Asensio: ‘No toxic people allowed’.

The new Asensio he is a more interior player, as he has asked Ancelottia more associative soccer player who plays on foot changed to be able to activate the cannon that he hides in his left foot. Carletto He has convinced him to be encouraged to hit him more “with that kick he has on the left & rdquor ;.

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In the midst of the scoring crisis of the Madrid, who in 2022 has not won five of the twelve games played and lowered his scoring average from almost three goals to 1.5 (20 goals in 12 games), the Balearic has exploded. Not only for scoring goals that unclog games like the ones in grenade and Alaves, or for being the team’s third scorer with nine goals. The gesture of Asensio to silence the Bernabéu and ask for support was unthinkable a year ago in an inconsequential player. Now Marco has confidence, a stable life in Madrid, and aspires to be the “benchmark for Madrid and the national team” what Ancelotti He told her it must be. in the crack that Rafael Nadal recommended to Florentine.

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