And Joe Biden took his rifle

We should watch Stanley Kubrick’s movie again Red Telephone we flew to Moscow. I do not want to say that we are on the verge of a nuclear war, but it helps to understand the climate of the Cold War, of how a spark, a miscalculation, a misstep could have caused a catastrophe. It was born from the extreme mistrust between the US and the USSR after the Nazi defeat in 1945 and ends in 1991, after the collapse of the USSR.

World peace – theirs, because colonial wars, coups d’état, assassinations of leaders and peripheral invasions did not enter their accounts – was based on the acronym of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD): It didn’t matter who drew first, nuclear destruction was assured for both because the response would be automatic.

Antoine Perraud recalled in Free Info, a scene between de Gaulle and the Soviet ambassador in Paris, angry that France had taken sides with the US. The diplomat warned him that he was putting his country in the focus of a possible nuclear attack. De Gaulle, who already had his atomic bomb, replied: “Well, Mr. Ambassador, we will die together & rdquor;.

The MAD Doctrine dominated nuclear arms limitation pacts for decades. The idea was that none of them had an attack capacity that would make the temptation possible, the hope of being able to destroy everything of the other in exchange for only destroying half of you.

The US and Russia, successor to the USSR, do not know how to think outside the framework of the Cold War. It is not only security, Moscow is also moving for emotional reasons: considers that Ukraine is part of millennial Russia.

poker player

The Russian leader, who plays chess, has five possible moves: do nothing, encourage a separation of the Ukrainian region of Donbas, make a move in America, keep the tension going by bringing Belarus into the game to make Europeans nervous or invade everything. The latter is the most unlikely. His problem is that a poker player sits in front of him. The nuclear missiles are still there. Now they are more modern and efficient.

If Putin is advised by nationalist hawks who yearn to recover the glory of the USSR. Biden is not surrounded by pigeons. Journalist Olga Rodríguez highlighted in the article Fuck the European Union, published in, the role of the State Department’s Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, who was previously an ambassador to NATO.

Nuland pulled some strings at Euromaidan in 2014, the revolt launched by pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. Today she is one of the president’s main advisers in the crisis. It is not a neutral voice: His father, born in the Bronx, was the son of Ukrainian immigrants.

Biden should not have read The Art of War of Sun Tzu because his movements are aggressive. A Sun Tzu principle is let the enemy out so that he does not scramble and fight fiercely. All this game is played on European soil and against the interests of the EU.

investigation commission

Biden feels weak after the disastrous evacuation of Kabul. His plan for domestic reforms is not advancing. He’s down in the polls. His job as president ended the day he was sworn in: kick Donald Trump out of the White House. He is a president who smells of a single term.

The Democrats focus their hopes on the commission of investigation of the assault on Congress, on January 6, 2021. From there, a large part of Trumpism can come out touched and sunk. The Ukrainian crisis is good for Biden to feel like a leader of the free world, as if the times were the same as before, and there was no other key player at the table: China.

Afghanistan and Libya, and now Ukraine, are warnings for the EU: NATO, an instrument of the Cold War to curb the expansionism of the USSR (Russia), has become the arm of the US global games. A European Armed Forces, within or outside a common defense framework with the US, are urgent and essential.

Putin also ignores the EU: he supports the extreme right. France’s Marine Le Pen will receive money for her presidential campaign through a Hungarian bank. In Latin America, the Kremlin plays differently: Venezuela and Nicaragua are its geographical options to scare Washington.

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I’m going to end with another film, recommended to warmongers in the living room. It takes place in the Great War: Johnny got his gun of Dalton Trumbo, one of the victims of McCarthyism, a virus of the extreme right and racism that has not been left behind: it is still in the DNA of US politics.

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