Ancelotti leaves Real Madrid breathless

Half the team ended up melting down against Barça and the changes ended up obeying physical and not tactical criteria.

The picture of Ter Stegen helping to stretch a vinicius melted invokes the epic. But to the epic heat wave of a final of Cup The Champions, back in May or June. Not to a game that is played in the middle of January, just two weeks after the Christmas break, when the season has not reached its halfway point and everything is yet to be decided.

The whites are in the final of the Super Cup, but the panorama after the battle with this Barcelona beardless is not flattering. More than half the starting team Real Madrid ended up melted. the policy of Carlo Ancelotti not rotating begins to take its toll on a Real Madrid that accumulates 29 games, and in which the players of its backbone exceed 25 games and two thousand minutes.

The situation was so extreme in the game with the Barça, that Ancelotti he conditioned the changes to fatigue rather than to tactical decisions. Modric Y Carvajal, returning from injury, were substituted exhausted before extra time. vinicius He fell to the ground in the 108th minute and could only get up to go to the bench. While Valverde crossed the field to score the winning goal, Military stretched ‘stiff’ in his area to prevent a tear. When the Uruguayan scored the goal, Davide Ancelotti asked to vinicius Y Benzema how they were and the answer was identical: Stiff.

Initially, the Real Madrid already recorded a decisive drop with the absence of Alaba, who had felt discomfort in training before the match. If we look at the numbers, Carletto has opted for a backbone that covers what Luis Aragonés called “security corridor & rdquor ;. And all the players he uses in that area have played more than 20 games and played more than 83% of the total minutes with Courtois, Militao, Alaba, Casemiro, Vinicius Y Benzema. More than 2000 minutes without reaching the halfway point of the season.

Veterans’ Truths

A little behind appear two other fundamental players for Carletto What Kross Y Modric. The German started the season later, which is why he added fewer minutes, and Modric has suffered different setbacks (muscular problems and the Covid) that have given him a forced rest. But despite this, both are veteran players, 32 years of the German for 36 of the Croatian, which converts his more than 1600 minutes played into figures to take into account.

Ancelotti He defended himself by pointing out that it does rotate, and it is true that it makes changes. Rotations always come from the sides. Carvajal Y Lucas have alternated on the right; Mendy, Nacho Y Marcelo, on the left; Y Asensio Y Rodrygo in the right winger position. The rest is recited from memory. The statistics confirm this. On the opposite side, that of the players who have not played a leading role, appear the players who have enjoyed a residual role such as Hazard, Isco Y Bale.

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However, the problem is that Real Madrid still has 30 games to play in the best of cases: 17 of League, 7 out of Champions, 5 of Cup and 1 of Super Cup. Not counting those that their internationals play with their national teams. The Ferrari white is in reserve and Carletto must stop to refuel. The club worries about how he intends to do it. And in the locker room…


Courteous 2550 (96%)

Military 2547 (96%)

Alaba 2304 (87%)

Kroos 1690 (64%)

Modric 1641 (62%)

Casemiro 2282 (86%)

Benzema 2209 (83%)

Vinicius 2244 (85%)


Hazard 724 (27%)

Isco 194 (7%)

Bale 193 (7%)

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