The Alma Chamber will analyze a reform proposal to the Ley Federal del Trabajo (LFT) to increase the minimum vacation period as tienen derecho the working people and reduce to six months of service the minimum required for the labor force to benefit from this benefit.

Currently, the LFT establishes that low-income workers have a minimum six days off starting from its first year of service in one company, this period is incremented by two days after each subsequent year has increased to 12 days, accumulated which is increased by one year; posteriorly, vacations increased in two days to complete a cycle of five years.

Without embargo, with this format a Mexican worker will have to work for 45 consecutive years in a company to equip the holiday slides with which he has an employee in Cuba, for example. Agreed with the Global Policy Analysis Center (World Policy Analysis Center) our country is one of the economies with the shortest legal holiday periods, comparable to nations such as Brunei, Nigeria, Uganda or Malaysia.

“Our country is completely reluctant to guarantee human rights in the downturn and the human rights in the holidays. The initiative aims to protect and guarantee this right, with the ultimate goal of generating wealth in the life of the people ”, exposes in the initiative the senator Geovanna del Carmen Bañuelos del Partido del Trabajo (PT).

The bus property that the minimum vacation period increments a 10 days and the working people are connected to this to complete six months in an organization. In this sense, we also change the time for the gradual increase of the slides.

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The plant initiative that they holiday days aumenten in dos días por cada ano y medio de servicio hasta accumulate 16 días, lo que ocurría al cumplir cinco anos de servicio. To start the quarter year, incrementary to complete a cycle of four years.

Bajo este esquema, los trabajadores mexicanos igualarían las Legal vacations in five years to those who have access in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador or Venezuela and in 10 years as ok with the current mechanism.

“Vacations are held by object that the worker is free from the stresses caused by the work, can convince with his family, can own his rights to the descent, to the ocio, to the personal crime. During this period, workers can carry out activities that are impossible during the days when they are not on vacation, ”the legislator said.

In this test, Geovanna Bañuelos points out that it is necessary to protect and guarantee this human right, as well as robustness.

Reducing the time required to generate this performance is important considering that new generations tend to keep us going in an organization. Agree with the reporter Employers For Youth of First Job solo el 8% of young professionals in Mexico has over five years of service in its organization.

Protection during the holidays

In addition to increasing the vacation period, the reform establishes new provisions to avoid that the derecho al descanso they negate the workers, prohibiting the employers from the possibility of avoiding the persons taking their vacations, provided that the functioning of the negotiation is actually affected.

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“Currently, the employers can decide unilaterally what they are doing at the moment. vacations working persons, subject to the general conditions of work and the Ley Federal del Trabajo property. For this reason, one of the ends of the initiative is to blind the human right to vacations, without risking the operation of the company or the work center, ”the legislator said.

To avoid affections in the operation of the company and in consequence, if the right is to the workers, the initiative exemplifies that Vacation periods does not exclude the five days, in such a way that the days are distributed in two or more periods.

“We will continue to work on the derechos de las persona trabajadoras, which is an essential element of production. Without them, simply not the hobby. Vacations burn the opportunity for distraction, to pass quality time with the family, to learn, to travel through the realization of any activity that, for lack of time, can not be realized, ”the senator affirms.

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