Analyst Says This New Meme Piece Could Be the Next Pepe

The meme coin market has a new player that is causing a sensation: Sponge V2 (SPONGEV2). According to a leading crypto analyst, SPONGEV2 could become the next Pepe (PEPE). Additionally, the asset could see massive gains this year due to growing hype online and its real-world usefulness.

YouTube Analysts Predict SPONGEV2 Could Follow in PEPE’s Footsteps

As the buzz around Sponge V2 continues to grow, crypto analyst Jacob Bury sees huge potential for the token.

In a YouTube video last month, Bury compared Sponge V2 to 2023 meme sensation PEPE.

Bury highlighted SPONGEV2’s aggressive staking rewards, play-to-earn (P2E) projects, and growing community interest as key factors likely to propel the token’s growth.

Notably, Bury also pointed out that if SPONGEV2 were to reach a similar level of adoption, the value of the token could easily increase by 100x if it follows a similar trajectory to PEPE.

Bury’s optimistic stance was supported by many fellow YouTube analysts, including Connor Kenny.

In a recent video, Kenny speculated that SPONGEV2’s value could “explode again” and that there was “more to come” from the token.

These high-profile price predictions for SPONGEV2 have helped increase buzz within the project community.

More than 10,900 people are now participating in Sponge V2’s Telegram channel, while the project Twitter page has nearly 32,000 subscribers.

P2E Gaming and Staking Rewards Set SPONGE V2 Apart in the Meme Coin Space

Looking ahead, much of the excitement around Sponge V2 is focused on developing a P2E crypto game.

Details remain scarce, but rumor has it that the game will feature racing mechanics with opportunities to earn SPONGEV2 tokens through gameplay and leaderboards.

Combined with the token’s lucrative staking rewards, which currently stand at 1,308% annually on Polygon, these features help SPONGEV2 stand out in the crowded coin space.

According to the Sponge V2 whitepaper, more than half of the token supply has been set aside for P2E staking and rewards, highlighting the development team’s focus on community engagement.

Those looking to acquire SPONGEV2 tokens can stake their original SPONGE tokens into the V2 contract at

SPONGE is now no longer available on exchanges – but those who still own tokens can use them and generate yield.

A value of over $9.2 million was staked and filled in this manner in just over two months.

This figure is expected to increase further in the future. The creators of Sponge V2 plan to list the token on “bigger and better” exchanges than its predecessor.

Polygon Migration Triggers SPONGEV2 Price Pump on Uniswap

SPONGEV2 made waves last week when it migrated from Ethereum to the Polygon network.

This transition aimed to leverage Polygon’s high-speed transactions and low fees to improve the token’s performance.

Since moving to Polygon, SPONGEV2 has seen extremely positive momentum on Uniswap DEX.

Within nine days of its migration, SPONGEV2’s value jumped 94% to $0.0010.

According to, the token’s market capitalization now exceeds $43 million. Additionally, its fully diluted market capitalization stands at over $160 million.

This suggests that SPONGE has enormous room for growth should its fully diluted market cap ever be realized.

Following the price increase of SPONGEV2, discussions within the community are now turning to the future.

The previously mentioned P2E play and planned exchange listings could be important catalysts that propel the token even higher in the coming months.

With coin mania returning to the crypto market, the future looks extremely bright for SPONGEV2.

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