“What would worry me about Mexico, would be not being in the country,” he said. Ana Botín, president of the Santander Bank globally, who at the same time ratified the financial group’s commitment to this market.

During a virtual meeting with journalists from Latin America, he stressed that the bank will continue with its investments in Mexico, and proof of this is the 520 million dollars (around 11,000 million pesos) that will be allocated in 2022, a record figure.

“We have shown our confidence in Mexico for many years, this has not changed with the alternations of government. We are in the middle of the current term; We continue to see important opportunities in the country, also challenges, without a doubt ”, he stated.

In a link from Spain, Ana Botín He highlighted the importance of the Latin American region, for which, in total, an investment of 6,000 million dollars was announced for digital transformation and technology until 2024.

In the case of Mexico, he stressed that it has very solid economic fundamentals. “The fiscal stability of the country is one of the best in any country, not just in Latin America. This is very important in terms of recovery. “

He added that the United States is growing very significantly, what will benefit Mexico.

One of the challenges mentioned by the president of Santander For the country, it is financial inclusion, but he recalled that this bank, since 2017, launched its microfinance arm Tuiio, which already has more than 200,000 clients.

Share buyback, global strategy

Regarding the repurchase of shares that Santander global has done to take over the bulk of its Mexican subsidiary (today it already has more than 96%), Ana Botín He detailed that it is a global strategy to reduce complexity.

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“To integrate both regionally and globally, the One SantanderThis is simpler and therefore it is the strategy that we have been following and it shows our confidence in the country ”, he said.

“In summary: we trust Mexico and we are going to continue investing as we have done so far,” said the head of the Spanish bank.


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