Ana Botín confirms that Santander hopes to participate in Banamex’s purchase process

Ana Botín, President of Santander at global level, confirmed that Esperan will participate in the process of buying Banamex when it comes to business. However, it is clear that a share issue is not being issued for this purpose.

“Mexico is one of our main markets and we hope to be part of this process as a matter of course, which will take place within a few months”, said in the mark of the presentation of the results of the Spanish group for 2021.

Ante analysts, destacó que Santander has a big deal in Mexicofor what he does not need to buy.

“We are generating great gains and creams that are accelerating. We are gaining market share. Hecho commented that the hemos were constructed from the cero and the car financing negotiation, which in a few years has a market share of 10% ”, he explained.

Add: “so we can be very clear: we do not need to buy to generate a very attractive and profitable business. Dicho esto, Mexico is one of our main markets and we hope to be part of this process when it comes to knowledge, which we hope will be within one month ”.

At the press conference, Santander’s president mentioned that he had known that Banamex has been for sale, but that, given the case, in no way is an issue of actions contemplated.

Hecho hoy el spanu grupo sigue sig in the process of reclaiming actions to make the totality of its Mexican branch, of which it has more than 90 per cent.

“We are not in any way contemplating a share issue in this case or any other; with the action as it is, which has economic-financial significance, and which is in the interests of all shareholders, it is necessary to reconcile with the plan that has been announced, ”he said.

Santander is the fifth bank to have announced the entry into the purchase process of Banamexit was announced the 11th of January on behalf of Citigroup. Banorte, Banco Azteca, HSBC e Inbursason los otros.

A possible purchase of Banamex by Santander Superior on behalf of BBVA Mexico, which is the leader in the market with 24.5% of assets. As a matter of fact, the assets of the purchase will be reduced by 28 per cent.

Mexico contributed 835 million euros to the group

Agreed with his report of results, Banco Santander at the global level recorded a profit of 8,124 million euros in 2021, of the Mexican cities a whopped 835 million, an increase of 8% respectively by 2020.

With this, Mexico is the fifth market with the largest contribution to the group in 2021, United States debt, which amounted to 2,326 million euros; Brazil with 2,325 million; United Kingdom 1,570 million and Spain 957 million.

“The results of 2021 show, one more month, the value of our scale and diversification, with a balanced presence between emerging and emerging markets, which allows us to increase the attribution attributable to 25% with respect to 2019, in anticipation of the pandemic” , excused the President of Santander.

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