The coronavirus incidence rises again throughout Spain after the social interactions of Holy Week, the Diada de Sant Jordi (in Catalonia) and the lifting of restrictions. Although in Catalonia the hospital pressure it is not increasing at the moment, at the state level it is: from April 1 to 26 hospitalizations rose 55%, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health. Even so, for now, health centers are not seeing their ordinary activity due to covid-19. But the fact that Health is considering vaccinating with the fourth dose to those over 80 reveals an incipient fear: that the seventh wave will be brought forward and that the virus will return target the most vulnerable. the epidemiologist Magda Campins warned yesterday in EL PERIÓDICO that those over 65 were re-entering hospitals.

This Thursday, the emergency committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) on covid-19 has been uniform in estimating that, “it was not the time to lower our guard”, in relation to the general lifting of measures taken by countries. The European Commission said the same thing yesterday. According to the WHO committee, the pandemic is still a health emergency that generates international concern. didier houssin, the president of the emergency committee, has affirmed that the virus is still very present. “The situation, regarding covid-19, is far from over, the circulation of the virus is still very active, mortality remains high and the virus evolves unpredictably,” said didier houssin, the chairman of the emergency committee.

Hossin has added that you have to be more careful than ever: “This is not the time to let your guard down. on the contrary, it is an extremely strong recommendation from the committee”. It has also urged member states to “review their national Policies, evaluate their actions and prepare for new efforts. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director of the WHO, has affirmed that the health authorities are “blind” in the face of the spread of covid due to the decreased analysis rates and has urged countries to maintain surveillance of virus infections.

Seventh wave?

the epidemiologist Oriol Mitja assured yesterday that the pandemic is already reaching its seventh wave, after announcing that he had tested positive for covid-19. “It is the beginning of the seventh wave, with a increased incidence, hospitalizations and deaths,” He wrote from his Twitter account. According to Mitjà, the virus is out of control and he believes that he probably caught it by signing books in the Day of Sant Jordi.

In an explanatory thread, he alerted Salut that he should reintroduce testing, isolation, masks, and ventilation. “The population has been losing immunity and more transmissible variants have arrived, such as BA.2 [la ómicron silenciosa] or the XE,” he said.

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Although the health authorities have not yet spoken of a seventh wave, the epidemiologist Campins does not rule out that it will occur soon. Still, do you think it will be very different from the previous ones and that it will not generate a health impact like that of other waves. That’s because the omicron variant, which is the one in circulation at the moment, is less aggressive. And, also, to the fact that many people were infected in the sixth wave, so they are already immunized.

In favor also plays the rising temperatures, that will last for the next few months and that pushes the population to do outside life, where the virus is most transmissible. Without forgetting the high percentage of the population vaccinated, the main protection and that they are being effective against the variants that have appeared so far.

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