• The Barça point guard scores 25 points with 7 triples and channels a victory that snatches the lead from Madrid

a unleashed Nico Laprovittola has destroyed this Friday ASVEL Villeurbane (60-80) and has resolved a stuck crash and very even until the break. Barça has shown two faces again in a game that has played jerkily until the Argentine base has decided to give a recital from the line of three, with 7 triples scored and a total of 25 points, decisive for Barça regain the leadership of the Euroleague, assaulted on Thursday by Madrid.

“We have to continue with this mentality, playing strong, with everyone contributing and regardless of injuries or who is on the court,” said the Argentine base with humility after his exhibition. But neither Conversation Jasikevicius He had doubts when they asked him what he liked the most about the game: “Laprovittola”.

There were reasons to anticipate a difficult game in Villeurbanne, and not just because they had one less day of rest (the French had lost in Madrid on Tuesday and Barça made their comeback against CSKA on Wednesday). Last season the Catalans knelt twice before an ASVEL positioned this year in play-off places, largely due to the role of the guard Elie Okobo, the tournament’s top scorer with almost 20 points per game. Although the protagonist of the night was not going to be him.

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Barça seemed capable of solving the crash and the leadership soon, when it went from 9-7 to 9-24. A 0-17 partial that would solve 90% of the matches. Or should. But Barça, with Higgins and Calathes casualties and little external rotation, the piston lowered and the ASVEL put the batteries. An alley oop of Chris Jones a Costas Antetokounmpo he left the game almost even about to go to the locker room. He was avoided by the final basket of a Rokas Jokubaitis that he was turning 21 years old (28-31, m. 30).

Ubal’s European Debut

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Barça could not blame itself too much on defense, but it could on attack. Jasikevicius demanded one more march to break the shock. And yes, the ball ended up circulating faster, but the key was the appearance of ‘los Nicos’. A Mirotic Very dosed in minutes he scored 8 consecutive points and Laprovittola added another triple for the second Barça takeoff (30-42, m. 27), to which the Parker team (Tony in the box, TJ in the bench) he could barely give an answer. Laprovittola kept shooting and scoring until the advantage allowed even to give minutes to Michael Caicedo (two dunks in the final stretch) and until Euroleague debut of Uruguayan Agustín Ubal (18 years old).

ASVEL 60 – 80 Barcelona

ASVEL: Okobo (17), Jones (9), Kahudi (6), Howard (7), Gist (6) -starter-, Lacombe (-), Fall (-), Houinsou (2), Strazel (5), Antetokoumpo (8).

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6 of 15 in triples (Okobo, 2). 32 rebounds, 9 of. (Jones, 6); 7 assists (Jones, 4).

BARCELONA: Laprovittola (25), Kuric (3), Hayes-Davis (2), Mirotic (15), Orihuela (-) -initial team-, Davies (8), Sanli (8), Martínez (5), Smits (2) , Jokubaitis (8), Caicedo (4), Ubal (-).

12 of 31 in triples (Laprovittola, 7). 45 rebounds, 16 offensive (Laprovittola, 7); 18 assists (Jokubaitis, 5).

PARTIAL: 9-19; 19-12; 19-31; 13-18.

Euroleague standings


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