An Insight On The Igaming Industry In Canada

The Igaming industry has not been around for a long time,  and certainly not as long as its older brother the gaming industry. Not so long ago, individuals would have to travel long distances or dress in a specific attire to enjoy some casino wagering fun.

Today, the shift in technologies has allowed countries like Canada to embrace gambling entirely, so much so that around 20 million Canadians take part in the popular pastime. According to certain sources, Canada sits 8th among the countries with the most online gaming participation.

Most Popular Gaming Types

As many gamblers would know, there are several types of gambling that can be done, the same goes for Igaming. In fact, the Igaming site can offer several more game types, games and game varieties over traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

The most popular type of gaming done in Canada is by far lotteries. Through tech advancements, online lotteries can be played at almost any Live Casino accompanied by a live dealer, OCR tech and real-time gaming/payouts. 

Live casinos have more to offer than just lotteries though. In fact, some of the most popular casino games may also be found at several of the top-tier live casinos. Here one can enjoy some of the fan favourite casino games online through streaming technologies and enjoy a real-life card dealer instead of the randomly generated number generator used in most online casino games.

Are Men Responsible?

Many believe that gambling is a men’s pastime. Statistics have proven this statement to be false. Although it is true more men take part in this pastime it’s not the gap you’d expect to see. 

The statistics show that women make up 43% of all the gambling done online! That leaves the other 57% to be men.

Why The Sudden Interest From Women?

Although it’s true that men dominate the Brick and Mortar scene at local casinos, it’s clearly not due to women’s disregard for games of wager. Many women have stated that local casinos make them feel uncomfortable, with several having to deal with constant glares and unwanted attention.

Thankfully with Igaming, these issues are no longer present. Igaming has allowed women to not only take part in this pastime but to take part without the judgments and constant unwanted attention one would receive at brick-and-mortar casinos. 

Advancements in Igaming have allowed women to game from the comfort of their home and on their mobile devices whether IOS or Android.

Value Of The Igaming Industry

The Igaming industry is clearly a profit-making machine, generating $1.2 billion from a total of $2.65 billion generated from gambling. While it is an astounding figure, it doesn’t quite add up. 

It’s estimated that much of the Igaming revenue Canada could be making is being lost to offshore casino sites and complicated gambling laws that vary from state to state. 

This hurts the overall Igaming market for Canadian revenue, it’s said that the total revenue generated from Igaming alone could be in the $4 billion range if they adopted a similar model to the British. Just like some police forces are slow to embrace advanced DNA which could solve cold cases it seems Canada’s politicians and state leaders might be slow to act on the offshore gambling scene.

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