An explosion in Times Square, in New York, generates moments of real fear | VIDEO

The famous square times square of New York (USA) has been the scene of an episode of panic group this Sunday afternoon, after a loud burst which surprised the people who were there.

The rumble was heard around 7:00 p.m. local time, and came from the sewage system. He immediately began to leave smoke of some of the sewers. This caused the fear and bewilderment of those present, who hurried to leave running and screaming of the place.

firefighters of new york they evacuated the area and closed part of Times Square for security. Later, they confirmed that there had been an explosion and a fire in three culverts between 43rd Street and 7th Avenue, in the district of Manhattan.

In addition, the authorities have confirmed that the incident has not caused no injuredNor has there been any damage to any infrastructure.

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