An egg thrown at Emmanuel Macron

A man threw an egg on French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday in the aisles of the Salon international de la restauration, in Lyon (center), which bounced off his shoulder without breaking.

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The author of the egg throw, a man wearing Bermuda shorts, was immediately arrested.

“If he has something to tell me, let him come,” reacted the head of state, asking to meet him. “I’ll go see him after,” he added.

Emmanuel Macron’s popularity rating is down, with 38% of French people saying they are satisfied with the head of state’s action, while 59% of those questioned say they are unhappy.

It is however higher than that of its last two predecessors François Hollande (22%) and Nicolas Sarkozy (36%) at the same time of their respective mandates.

This incident occurred during his visit to the stands of the International Catering, Hospitality and Food Fair (SIRHA) which opened in Lyon on Monday.

In the aisles of the show, professionals warmly thanked the president for the state aid paid during the crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as for his morning announcement of an upcoming tax exemption for tips paid by card. banking.

“Thank you for the crisis management,” said a restaurateur. “Thank you, we were able to hold out for a year,” added another. “Well done for what you have done for restaurateurs,” added a third.

Supporters have also urged him on for the 2022 presidential election – for which he has not yet revealed his intentions: “Another 5 years please” or “we are counting on you for 2022”, we could hear .

On June 8, Emmanuel Macron was hit in the face by a man, on the sidelines of a trip to the south of France, causing a major wave of protests within the political class.

His attacker, sentenced to four months in prison, was released from detention on September 21.

In March 2017, then a candidate for the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron had already been the target of an egg throw at the Agricultural Show in Paris. An incident he described as “part of folklore”.

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