An effective left? Yes still!

Was it just a joke from the prime minister Francois Legault when, in response to a question from a journalist, he claimed to be a so-called effective left? We understand that he wants to distinguish himself from the vulgar ” woke “, As he described it during an exchange at the National Assembly, what would Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, leader of the left party (ineffective?) Solidarity Quebec, but Mr. Legault would do well not to get too carried away in this election year if he does not want to compromise his credibility, already somewhat damaged because of his no less dubious interventions in the context of the last federal election campaign.

Should we remind the Prime Minister that, at the start of the pandemic, last year, the best he was able to do to help people who were losing their working income was to grant emergency financial assistance? to food banks, already overwhelmed? No one should have to suffer from hunger in Quebec, he pontificated! God knows why, what Mr. Legault still does not seem to understand is that it is unacceptable that we have to resort, on a regular basis, to the services of a charity to meet its most basic needs. in a society as prosperous as Quebec.

So, please! Mr. Legault, failing to exercise your considerable powers to rectify this sad state of affairs, at least know how to spare the leader of a political formation whose members and deputies have always devoted themselves, body and soul, to the common good, so that, before worrying about increasing the wealth of the already well-off classes, we ensure that all can enjoy a somewhat decent standard of living.

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