An aperitif with a Michelin star: aubergine from Almagro with pisto manchego

  • Miguel Ángel Expósito, chef at the Retama restaurant (Valdepeñas), prepares this dish that has its roots in Andalusian cuisine

Today, a lifelong dish, traditional like few others in Castilla La Mancha, the one proposed by the restaurant Retama (at the Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo, in Valdepeñas), distinguished with a Michelin star. “We are working on the history of regional gastronomy through a reinterpretation of the traditional La Mancha cookbook, updating it “, recalls the chef, Miguel Ángel Exposito, who reopened the establishment a few weeks ago.

A good example of his philosophy is this Almagro aubergine with Manchego pisto, “which are of Andalusian origin and are based on local ingredients and a typical cuisine of the region.” This recipe is available in the two menus offered by the restaurant (Retama Menu and Traditional Menu) as one of the appetizers.


For aubergine

  • 500 g of canned Almagro aubergine

For the tempura

  • 50 g of wheat flour

  • 200 ml of beer

  • Shall

  • 500 g of sunflower oil

For the Manchego pisto

  • Half red pepper

  • Half green bell pepper

  • 2 crushed tomatoes

  • Shall

  • Sugar

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  1. Mix the ingredients for the tempura with the rod and pass through it the aubergines cut in half and without the inside.

  2. Fry the aubergines in oil.

  3. Put the peppers to fry. Once they are fried, add the tomato and simmer for half an hour, until they are well cooked.

  4. When they are ready, add a touch of salt and sugar, and reserve.

  5. Empty the aubergines and fill them with the Manchego pisto.

  6. Finish the elaboration by decorating with white alder flowers.

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