a man who jumped the restraining order has been arrested in Barcelona since his ex-partner left his mobile activated and the operator of the emergency service 112 was able hear the death threats he made against the woman.

Mossos sources have informed Efe that the event took place on November 14 in the Catalan capital when the man, a 41-year-old Colombian, he got in his ex-partner’s car.

The woman, seeing the action of the man, he was able to make a call with his mobile to 112 and left the mobile activated while the aggressor threatened to kill him.

This fact allowed the operator of the 112 room to alert the Catalan police, who set up a device to locate them.

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The woman, while from 112 they heard the conversation, he was able to get out of the car and ran away, after which the man also got out of the vehicle. The victim subsequently reported the events to the police.

Finally, the Mossos managed to locate the man and arrest him. After going to court, he entered prison this week.


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