An afternoon working on thought, by Núria Iceta

The great thinker, scientist and poet that he is David Jou, president of the Joan Maragall Foundation, He opened the course a few days ago by focusing not on his own idea but on matching two very suggestive quotes from different times and contexts. And to do this you have to have read a lot and be very generous. Braiding ideas, putting thinkers in relation is one of the main missions of culture and communication. Jacint Verdaguer wrote at the end of the 19th century from Osona: “I am a poet and farmer, and in everything I do a job so clean, that I work like a poet and write like a farmer & rdquor ;. And the Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han, from Germany, writes more than a century later that we are going from being “farmers of thought & rdquor; to “information hunters & rdquor ;. If going from hunting to farming in the Neolithic was a revolution, I don’t know how we should read this inverse movement. To farm is to plant a seed, it is to make an idea grow, it is to advance a society. And the parable of the sower also speaks of that. Many of us now have the feeling that we are barely able to swallow the inputs that serve us raw news, sometimes without context, sometimes interestedly. In order to think we must be able to stop, we must learn to listen, and not necessarily to whoever is yelling the most. Noise in contemporary society takes many forms and it is not easy to get rid of them.

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But the afternoon was not over and the philosopher Begoña Román appealed to “think together” in this post time (hopefully) pandemic. The reality of inequalities and the worst forecasts about the consequences of how we have been exploiting the earth and men do not make it easy for us. Roman said that dystopian discourses are performative and put hope aside, they are irresponsible in the ethical sense, so you have to persist, keep working. My little triumph of the weekend has been that the hour that we gained to the time I dedicated to reading, to working.

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