An abandoned heritage site in Mascouche

Since 2019, the mayor of Mascouche, Guillaume Tremblay, has been trying to get grants to restore a heritage building in his municipality, but his four requests have been refused by Quebec.

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“If we want to save these buildings, we have to act quickly,” he pleads. “It has to become a Blue Space.”

Blue Space is a government program. He could take possession of the building and restore it. Guillaume Tremblay is thinking big with this project.

“If the government of Quebec says “go”, there would be exhibitions as such, there could be a place of diffusion, restoration”, explains the mayor.

The Old Mill is in a pitiful state. Roof structures are dangerous. The stone walls need to be redone. The roof is warped. Even if access is prohibited, squatters spend the night there.

“We even had the retaining pieces stolen inside, with temporary poles,” says André Pratte, general manager of the City of Mascouche.

The building is not as historic by the Government of Quebec. It was built in the 1760s.

“We used to grind flour and various grains there. There was an appendage behind which also housed a sawmill. So we did both here. The miller’s little house, as I said earlier, housed the miller’s family,” explains François Tétrault of the Mascouche Historical Society.

For the mayor of the city, citizens have a “huge” sense of belonging with this site.

Guillaume Tremblay gives himself until April 30 to convince François Legault to go ahead with the request. If the government refuses, it will have to make a decision on the future of the Mill.


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