AMPI Puebla seeks to introduce real estate law to the State Congress

Puebla, Pue. The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) local, hopes that in the third legislative period of the state Congress, which will begin next October, the Law that Regulates the Provision of Real Estate Services can be entered and approved.

Fabrizio Pizar Rojaspresident of the organization, considered it important that this initiative be approved to curb cases of fraud, since alleged real estate agents ask for an advance, but do not comply with the section of a property for sale or rent.

In addition, he said, it will help regulate the sector, because there are companies that operate illegally, and that can lead owners and buyers to carry out operations without correct appraisals and unfair commercial operations, due to the lack of an adequate negotiation process.

Among the points cited by the initiative is that companies report any operation that could appear fraudulent or if they suspect that it is carried out with money obtained illegally, because if they do not, they could be fined.

And it is that real estate agencies are allowed to carry out operations of a maximum of 772,000 in cash, but without ceasing to register them before a notary public.

Red Slate He mentioned that clients act in good faith when entrusting an agent with the location of the property or the sale of one, for which deputies must help ensure that there are no irregular operations.

He reiterated that it is necessary to generate fair competition and thereby avoid fraud in the sector that affects the AMPI despite the fact that they are operating in compliance with the law.

Firms that meet the conditions to operate charge a commission of 3 to 5% on the value of the property; however, there are hundreds of brokers who work on their own and charge up to 10% for a given trade.

In this context, he hopes that the legislative power will help the sector in its regulation, especially now that activity has grown due to more investments in new real estate developments in the city and its suburbs.

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