• The woman will temporarily live in a pension that pays social services since nobody wants to rent her a house

  • He did not owe anything: he inherited half of the property that he has lost and a judicial decision led to its being auctioned

The fifth has been the charm. Amparo Martinez Pino He is 74 years old and has lived all of them on the same floor, the main first floor at number 6-8 of Calle de Hostal d’en Sol, in the Gòtic. She is the victim of a complex, tangled situation. He does not owe anything, he does not accumulate defaults, as happens in other cases that end in eviction. Because in fact she lived in her house, she was owned by her.

There he lived with his parents and there he continued later, when 50% corresponded to him in inheritance. The other half of it remained in the hands of some nephews who sold it to a company. She took the matter to court. The judge decided that the new owners of half of the flat had the right not to share it with Amparo and there was an auction that she could not attend, she did not have the resources.


Once her share was sold, the woman found herself with 108,000 euros that she did not want and formally without a flat. She has resisted there until this Wednesday the judicial delegation, reinforced by seven vans of Mossos agents, has managed to kick her out. The agents have identified and denounced a score of activists for resistance.

Amparo, who has 63% mental disability, will sleep from tonight in a Gòtic pension along with his partner, Antonio. A pension that will be paid by the social services of the consistory. A temporary solution until he finds a flat.

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Bill Martí Cusó, from Resistim al Gòtic, that it is not easy to find that apartment for rent. The 108,000 euros that Amparo received for the auction prevent her from accessing the city council’s emergency desk and have caused her to lose the non-contributory pension for a year, of just over 400 euros, that she received.

108,000 euros that after taxes will be around 80,000. Technically it does not control them, because the judge incapacitated her and handed over her guardianship to the Fundació Mare de Déu de l’Esperança. That circumstance, Cusó emphasizes, has contributed to the fact that nobody wants to rent a flat from him. At least no one among the 30 landlords so far contacted.

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