AMLO would accept that Congress modify the electricity reform, but that “it does not change the essence”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador he said he was willing to accept that the Congress of the Union modify its initiative for constitutional reform in electricity matters to guarantee its approval, provided that its essence is not modified.

To a specific question as to whether he would accept that they make changes to his proposal, as proposed by opposition legislators so that they can support it, he replied:

“Well yes, as long as the essence of the initiative is maintained. What is the essence of the initiative? That the electrical industry It is a strategic industry owned by the Nation, by all Mexicans and that the generation and distribution of electric power does not have profit-making purposes.

“If that is sustained, the state leadership in the management of the electricity industry, go ahead.”

The Mexican president said that, contrary to what those who oppose his proposal assure, investors in the sector will not leave if the reform is approved.

The only thing he does not want, he clarified, “is for them to continue stealing. “They say ‘the investment is gone.’ They don’t go away. The initiative proposes that the State keep 54% and the IP with 46. Do you know how much this is? All the electricity that is consumed in Argentina.

“They should be grateful. Nothing more than they have no filler. They were left with the habit of stealing by the handful. There must be order. Politics was invented, among other things, to bring order out of chaos. “

And he took the opportunity to defend his initiative, in analysis in the Chamber of Deputies.

“The electricity reform is convenient for the country and it is the opportunity for the Federal Electricity Commission to be strengthened, which is a public company, because what neoliberalism, the corrupt, was looking for was to destroy public companies, privatize everything, turn the public into private, socialize losses and privatize profits … () the purpose was to loot, steal, become great with ill-gotten wealth. “

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