The government of Mexico will propose to the president of the United States Joe Biden that all the countries of the region should be invited to participate in the next IX Summit of the Americas, informed the secretary of External relationshipsMarcelo Ebrard.

Next Friday, Presidents Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Joe Biden will hold a virtual bilateral meeting to address their vision of the regional summit, issues such as migration, the development of Central America, competitiveness and economic growth, security, energy and economic cooperation, according to information from the White House.

“Mexico would like all countries to be invited, not some yes and others no. Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are part of the Americas and they should be there”, Ebrard told the media at the end of his participation in the academic and commemorative meeting Open secularism and religious freedom, a contemporary vision.

The Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguezdenounced on Monday that the United States excluded the island in the preparations for the summit that will take place from June 8 to 10 in Los Angeles, California.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard added that issues such as development in the continent will also be addressed, stating that USA it could seek the unification of all the countries of the Americas and move on to a new stage of mutual respect.

Regarding migration, an issue that will surely be touched on, Ebrard said: “Mexico continues to insist that if they do not invest in the south, it will be very difficult to achieve what they want.”

Previously, López Obrador explained that USA He was the one who requested the virtual meeting and considered that it is important that this communication take place.

Listen to President Biden who has treated us with respect just as President Trump also treated us with respect and as we respect them and we have to seek a good relationship and we are going to see what it is about, “said the Chief Executive.

The Mexican president added that “there are several issues that we are dealing with together or that everyone has their opinion, but we listen to each other and respect each other.”

The time of the meeting or the format, either by video or by telephone, has not been specified, since the Mexican president will have a work tour that day.


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