AMLO will resume the issue of commissions in the Convention

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that in the 85th edition of the Banking Convention he will address the sale of Banamex, the investment and the cost of commissions charged by financial institutions.

During his press conference at the National Palace, the president indicated that his first message to the bankers will be “that they do not stop taking advantage, to promote the development of the country, the current circumstance of macroeconomic stability and confidence for investments, both national as foreigners.”

He indicated that, from his perspective, for a long time in the country “there was no stable currency, our peso has not been devalued, there is no depreciation in the currency. There has been no unusual increase in debt.”

He considered that “we recovered soon after the pandemic and we are growing. There is governability, there is peace, there is tranquility”.

López Obrador indicated that at the Banking Convention he will also address the issue of the sale of Banamex, and he ruled that the purchase be by Mexicans.

“We want Mexicans to acquire this bank, to have financial solvency to protect savers who are willing to maintain the entire cultural heritage of the bank in our country, not to go abroad (…) are the conditions basic.

“Also that they do not have tax debts, that they are up to date in the payment of their contributions and that they pay the tax that the sale of Banamex will mean.”

He indicated that the collection of commissions for sending remittances will also be an issue that he will address with the bankers of Mexico.

“These remittances are deposited and sent through the banking system. I made a commitment from the first Banking Convention that we would announce which banks offered the best conditions for our countrymen who send remittances to their families.

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