AMLO, the tall Covid, his will and loyalty beyond the grave

Does President Andrés Manuel López Obrador Suffer Long Covid? Did the millions of SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses that invaded your body twice affect your brain?

The question is pertinent after hearing what he said in the message he sent via YouTube last Saturday, to which I will refer below.

According to a large study by researchers at Penn State College of Medicine (, 50% of Covid-19 survivors have multiple symptoms up to six months after recovery. Some research indicates up to eight months.

These symptoms or long-term effects of Covid-19 have been identified by researchers from the National Cancer Institute, UNAM, Harvard and Emory universities, the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, the Houston Methodist Research Institute and Novartis Pharmaceuticals, after analyzing 11 studies conducted is. among nearly 480,000 survivors of the disease (

These researchers identified more than 50 long-term effects, found that 80% of those who suffer from them show at least one in 50 symptoms, that 27% suffer from some type of attention deficit disorder and 16% report memory loss.

AMLO became ill for the first time in January 2021 with Covid-19 and two weeks ago for the second time. He said that he has recovered perfectly and we can assume on that basis that he is not showing any symptoms of long Covid, that he is not suffering from attention deficit or memory loss.

However, when I heard him say in the message I referred to above that he had made a will to, according to him, “guarantee the management of the country in case he lost his life,” I asked myself: “Can it be that the disease affects your memory? Did you really forget that Article 84 of the Constitution provides for the steps to be taken ‘in the event of the absolute absence of the President of the Republic’? Or is he just distracted?

There is no doubt that the death or permanent incapacity of a President – AMLO or another – will cause political and economic turmoil, but our Constitution provides for such a situation by declaring that “In case of absolute absence of the President of the Republic, while Congress appoints the President in the interim or alternate, which shall take place within a term not exceeding sixty days, the Secretary of Home Affairs shall for the time being assume the title of Executive Power (…) When the absolute absence of the President takes place in the last four years of the respective term, if the Congress of the Union is in session, it will appoint the Deputy President who must close the term (…) If the Congress is not in session, the Permanent Commission immediately calls for extraordinary sessions so that it becomes an Electoral College (and appoints the interim president).

The truth is that Andrés Manuel’s will will remain in the event of his death and will only influence the decisions and actions of the very few morenistas who will also remain loyal to him beyond the grave, because, as it always has been and will be , may, the wishes and whims of a warlord die with him.

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