AMLO, the middle class and its vicissitudes (I)

First of two parts

Without any question, in his morning conference last Friday, President López Obrador once again attacked the middle class. He expressed that to transform the country, the impulse of millions of Mexicans is needed and that is why it is necessary to: “attend to everyone, listen to everyone, respect everyone, but give preference to humble people (…) humble people are very grateful She is very good, she does not feel wise, she acts with humility. The other day I was saying that middle class people are vaccinated, I do not generalize, but they arrive at the vaccination center annoying. They already take care of her. “How long is it going to last?” “No ma’am, no sir, in no time.” “Ah.” What vaccine is it? I don’t want the… where they are going to put the communist chip on me. “No ma’am, it’s Pfizer.” “Ah.” Well hurry right? Why did they take so long? Because they have the obligation to vaccinate us, it is our money, it is our taxes. —And there they go and they already vaccinate her. He doesn’t even say thank you ”. So far what has been said, by the President.

The first thing that occurs to me to say to the president is that a sucker does not make middle class. If your narration is about a single person, it is to give too much importance to someone so ignorant that he believes that through a vaccine he can be put “the communist chip”. But, although he warned that he was not generalizing, the way the comment is formulated, it is not about a single person. Note that he uses the “no ma’am, no sir” and in the context of his argument the reference is inferred that, with some exceptions, the middle class is an ungrateful social segment.

What intrigues me is where AMLO got the story he told. Did they tell you? Did you invent it? Impossible that he invented it because the president does not lie. He always has other data that is different. The most that comes is to contradict itself.

I cannot find an explanation for the animosity that Andrés Manuel has shown towards a sector of the middle class in recent months, a segment of the population that according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) is made up of 44 million people, 39.2% of whom the population. Will Mr. López Obrador have an idea of ​​how many of those 44 million individuals vote for him?

I am going to recommend a book to the presidential advisers – if you have them and if you have them you will listen to them and if you listen to them you will listen to them. The book is called “Myths and fantasies of the middle class in Mexico” by Gabriel Careaga (1941-2004). When reading it, one learns about the evolution of the middle class since its configuration in the sixteenth century in New Spain, composed mainly of liberal and conservative Creoles, until the end of the twentieth century, when middle class families were made to believe that life it was a television commercial.

According to Careaga’s work, the main insurgents, Hidalgo, Morelos and Allende, were middle class. In another chapter, the author reviews how in 1855, after the defenestration of Santana, under the leadership of Ignacio Comonfort, “the middle class tried to organize the country in the theory and practice of liberalism”, which was decisive in the triumph of the Republic in 1857.

During the Porfiriato, the middle class grew in such a way that Don Porfirio came to say that he was the mainstay of the republic. He also harshly criticized his shortcomings such as: “Getting up late, going to work without punctuality, getting sick frequently and getting leave with pay, not missing bullfights, having fun without ceasing, getting married very young and having children on pasture, spending more than they earn and getting high with usurers to make ‘posadas’ and onomastic parties ”. (To be continue)


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