AMLO rules out negotiation between Morena and PRI to approve PPEF 2022

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador rejected this Monday that his party National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) reach an agreement for the approval of the Draft Budget of Expenditures of the Federation (PPEF) sent by your government.

“That is politicking, that is what they did before, that they locked themselves in, negotiated at the top behind the back of the people and they always agreed because those above were doing well, but those below were doing very poorly, no type of negotiation that affects the people, “said the president during his morning conference.

López Obrador ruled out that Morena could offer something to the opposition in the Senate in search of the approval of the PPEF, “no, because it is necessary to transform the country and not give a truce to the fight against corruption, which is the main problem of the country,” he said.

“If we take steps backwards, the transformation slows down and we are doing very well, it starts to jump, people are happy, of course the disagreement, discomfort, anger is high in those who lived full of privileged attentions,” he said.

“We already sent our Budget ProjectAccording to our plan, it must be taken into account that we are different, they are two different and opposed nation projects, ”said López Obrador.

He added that since his campaign to be President of the Republic “we said that a new economic policy was going to be applied, that we were going to put the neoliberal policy aside, so we are acting accordingly, all this that we are showing and especially the programs We have been raising it for well-being for 20 years ”, he indicated.

If the reform that has to do with lithium is not approved, we will look for other strategies: AMLO

López Obrador indicated that if “there is an act of treason that the constitutional reform that has to do with the lithium“We are going to look for other options, other strategies,” he said, noting that “in due course” these strategies would be announced.

He stressed that there is already a whole plan, lithium is strategic, it belongs to the nation, that they do not think that with a co-opted protection, buying deputies, they are going to stay with lithium or with threats or pressure, that is for that It is known and there is no negotiation, the only question is that the commitments that were made previously are being respected, that is, the concessions that have already been delivered, are respected, they are very clear in the proposal that was made, in the transitory of the reform, is established, “he said.

He added that when the lithium proposal was presented to him, “when the project was drawn up and I had the meeting with the cabinet, I instructed that what had already been granted in concession had to be respected, but that from now on it was already the exclusive domain of the nation. “, said.

Regarding the proposal between legislators of Morena in Deputies that contemplates that if the proposal on lithium is not approved as such, concessions be granted to the private sector, the president indicated: “no, my opinion is that lithium is a strategic mineral that it has to remain under the domination of the nation ”.

He said that his government does know how lithium will be used, “we know how we are going to do it, it will only depend on the approval of the electricity law,” he said.

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