President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Tuesday that information would already be available about the officials of Pemex that they would have received money from the energy marketer Vitolinvolved in a bribery scandal in Brazil, Ecuador Y Mexico.

At the end of 2020, the subsidiary of the Swiss giant in USA agreed to disburse 164 million dollars to resolve the investigations of the American justice system that the largest independent oil trader in the world paid more than two million dollars in those countries.

After the announcement, Pemex decided to suspend its commercial relations with Vitol and ruled out receiving compensation from the Swiss giant. Instead, he asked to know the names of the officials who would have been bribed, which the firm did not do.

“Apparently the information on who received those bribes is already being known, or that is what I have learned about the case, to have an idea closer to reality, we are going to ask Pemex to report on this today,” López Obrador said in his morning press conference.

“That company, if this is not clarified, will not have any job opportunities in Mexico, we do not want relations with foreign companies ccorrupted,” he added.

The world’s largest independent commodity traders are facing global scrutiny for alleged corruption after years of investigations into bribing officials in several countries in the world. Latin America.

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