AMLO proposes the incorporation of the National Guard to the Sedena, goes by reform proposal

Queretaro, Qro. The federal Executive Branch will propose that the National Guard (GN) join the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena)as an act of consolidation, said the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, during the 105th anniversary of the Political Constitution of Mexico, in the city of Querétaro.

At the end of his speech, at the Teatro de la República, he presented the legislative proposals that he will propose and that will imply constitutional reforms. He considered that there is fear that the corporation will lose its course, after being one of the main bets of the current administration.

This initiative ─he explained─ has the purpose of forging a institution that passes six-year terms and that guarantees the peace of the population.

“We believe that it is an institution that we all need, when it was created it had the support of all the parties in Congress, it was approved unanimously, but I am concerned… because we have to think of institutions that can serve – not in a six-year term, not in a decade, but several decades-; more when it comes to the protection of the people, to guarantee peace, ”he pronounced.

Through this reform proposal, he assured, the aim is to avoid what happened with the extinct Federal Police.

“I am concerned that if we do not leave this consolidated institution -and it is left loose as the preventive Federal Police was in its time- it could be lost. We need the GN -it is my proposal- to depend on the Secretary of National Defense: on a professional institution, with discipline”, he stated.

In addition to this reform proposal, he noted that there are still pending issues that he seeks to translate into constitutional reform initiatives; One of the priorities -he pointed out- is the reform of the electricity industry, for which they will continue to weave consensus, since he affirmed that the permanence of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is at risk.

Likewise, he listed an upcoming proposal on electoral matters, with the aim of avoiding fraud in electoral processes.

“There are some other constitutional reforms. And they are trying to convince, persuade, of the need to reform the Constitution to strengthen the national electricity industry, because obviously there is an imbalance, there is no balance, in the previous reform all the privileges were given to private companies, yes we don’t solve it, the CFE disappears”, he explained.

On the anniversary of the 1917 Constitution, López Obrador said that one must be self-critical, after stating that in the last four decades the legal framework has been adjusted to benefit a tiny part of the population, to the detriment of the rest of the inhabitants. Therefore, he celebrated that in the framework of his administration, reforms in social matters have been proposed, such as the right of older adults to a pension, also for children with disabilities.

Necessary to guarantee security, Governor of Querétaro

During his speech, the governor of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri González, stated that it is necessary to guarantee the security of the country, because without it “there is nothing.”

The head of the Executive Branch of the state added that this day should not be a day of memory, but of reflection; in the same way he called the unit.

“Today it is necessary to cure the country of mistrust, violence, selfishness and disease; doing so implies that the Law is either exercised or is a dead letter, a letter of good will. Mexico has everything, it has resources, geographical location, extension, to make it a place that stands out in the world for its quality of life, but we are not going to achieve it as public servants and as a society we join a commitment to history . Comply with the law and enforce the Constitution”, he declared.

He stressed that today Mexico has a president with a deep social vision; however, he affirmed, there is a country lagging behind and very sore, which demands the attention and help of all.

Senator for Morena ─president of the Board of Directors of the Senate of the Republic─ Olga Sánchez Cordero, highlighted that a function of power is the interpretation of the Constitution; coupled with being a current and living document.

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Arturo Zaldívar, stressed that the Magna Carta seeks to reverse historical inequalities, level the playing field and make the promise of a fairer society a reality.


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