AMLO maintains 63% popularity

If the opposition wants to win in 2024, it had better review its strategy and realistically analyze why President López Obrador, in the midst of a security and economic crisis and an increase in poverty, maintains 63% of popularity.

There are those who think that the people who continue to support him are stupid and do not realize the crisis that the country is experiencing and they bet that with time they will realize it and their popularity will fall.

What is a fact is that after 36 months López Obrador remains very strong in the eyes of most of the people and the crisis that we faced during the past year due to the pandemic, will be left behind and the future will be more positive for the majority of the population.

People are not stupid or ignorant, they know that the country is not doing well, but according to various polls they continue to have confidence that future results will be better, in short, they continue to believe López Obrador.

It would be good to put ourselves in the shoes of those people who continue to support them, many of them are poor people who live in part on government support and remittances and although the data on poverty say that poverty has increased, in terms of delivery of resources and beneficiaries are much greater. As in the case of the elderly, support for young people pays López Obrador the support of the whole family.

Most of the people are very far from the debates and are bothered by the criticisms about the cancellation of the Texcoco airport, the Mayan Train, the refinery, outsourcing, the electrical reform or the Revocation of the Mandate, I would say that in general they are in favor According to all these initiatives and the opposition is dedicated to criticizing them without taking into account the opinion of the people. The result is that criticism of all those projects strengthens López Obrador and weakens the opposition.

The opposition has taken a too right-wing and nostalgic stance for the past and is going nowhere down that road. It will not be with an initiative that arises from businessmen or with a conservative program that vindicates the past that López Obrador can be beaten.

If we want to beat him we have to pass him on the left, with an offer that really goes to the bottom to eliminate poverty and that is understood by the entire population. It is not only with providing investment security and job creation, but with a profound transformation of the Mexican state towards a “welfare state”.

A “welfare state” that guarantees, within a maximum period of 12 years, free of charge to the entire population, health, social security, quality housing at all levels and unemployment insurance, financed through taxes that pay those who have the most and based on the accelerated growth of our economy.

If it is not by conviction, it is by political strategy, but if we do not have a proposal of that level, I doubt very much that people will withdraw their support for López Obrador, no matter how many electoral alliances there are.

Demetrio Sodi

Mexican politician

From the court

Citizen interested in solutions for the country and Mexico City. A Mexican politician, he has been a federal deputy (1988-1991), senator (2000-2006), and head of the Miguel Hidalgo delegation (2009-2012).

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