To defend his unconditional demands that he be formally informed or informally sexually assaulted – Senator Félix Salgado Macedonio and historian Pedro Salmerón – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says, and with reason, both does not prove its culpability and that the supuestas deben denunciarlos formally ante the authorities.

Here is the new moon of this week to respond to a question that the hiccup in his press conference about the hecho that the General Tax Office (FGG) does not inform the situation that is guarding a denunciation of violations in 2017 against the senator Morenista Félix Salgado Macedonio: “It is the opinion that all those affected, in this case female partners, need to be heard to denounce because they have not been reprimanded, it is not the time of the past administrations”.

The reporter insists on the case of the FGG and the president says that “he has asked the state tax, the federal tax, that he informs”, in order to change the topic and ask the culprits to use the accusations against Salgado y Salmerón “to lift water to his house”.

Andrés Manuel, while insisting that women be punished penally by the accusers, hostesses, violators and sexual intercessors who victimized him, no one knows the dimensions of the problem criminals.

As far as the dimensions of the problem are concerned, the National Public Security Survey (ENSU) conducted by Inegi in December of 2021 and ended on the 19th of this month, signaled during the second semester of 2021, of total women From 18 years and upwards, 20% are victims of personal harassment and / or sexual violence, from listening to gross sexual misconduct, have been obliged to have sexual relations against their will.

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Ese 20% represent at least 9,814,328 women, which is 20% of those 18 years or older who are 14 of those registered in the INE Electoral Padron.

The majority of them do not denounce the crime of which there were victims. As agreed with the ENSU of December 2019, 99.7% of hostile offenses, sexual abuse and violence in Mexico are not denounced.

And it is not because the victims are not confided that the authorities have some respect and because the ones who have done so many times are revoked by public officials insensitive or machinists.

In addition, investigators in the matter have documented that the majority of victims do not denounce their illnesses, trainees, stigmatized or abused, or that they agree that what they should have created or that they should have provoked the aggressor because he is discriminated against by his families and society. Many victims try to avoid thinking, recording or engaging in sexual aggression because they are emotionally painful.

For AMLO, it is easy and convenient to pedal to the most important victims of Salgado and Salmerón that the denunciers because they know very well that, by the reasons they come, they have many, if any, they will.

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