The President Andrés Manuel López Obrador descarto reconsider the number of Pedro Salmerón as Mexico’s ambassador to Panama, he said that the country’s law firm has sent a diplomatic card.

During his morning conference at the Palacio Nacional, López Obrador said that his governor had not mentioned the pressures he had expressed his concern about the denunciations that Salmerón had made to the sexual harassment of ITAM alumni.

Very much in its style, the first mandate qualified as “conservators” and “fachos” to women in social speeches expressing their displeasure with the fact that Salmerón will receive the Embassy of Mexico in Panama.

Ante ello, López Obrador dijo que nest dispuesto a reconsiderar dicho nombramiento, “porque nosotros consideramos que es una persona capaz”, sostuvo.

The federal mandate will require proof of Salmerón’s liability, since his counterclaim is due.

“I have not been able to give up on these things. Now, if there is a juice, if there is a trial and it is in the public ministry, it is in the juez, it is accused, then we will be able to defend it, in no way. But what else about the media campaign, about the media link? What does it mean to see the day that the occasion arises, not only in this case, but with his relatives? ”, Dijo.

Ayer martes, the Panamanian Chancellery sent a map to the Mexican governor to pronounce on the name of Pedro Salmerón, and although he did not understand the content of the same, he was preoccupied with this country by the number mentioned.

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