AMLO inaugurates 17 branches of the Banco del Bienestar in Morelos

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called, from Coatlan del Rio, Morelosto speed up the pace to achieve its so-called fourth transformation.

“And I call, I call for us to hurry up, because I already have two years and three months to go and the decision has already been made, because it is a matter of principles, I am going to retire at the end of my mandate, I have already closed the cycle and there will be a generational change. And don’t worry, because those who come to replace us can be women, men even better than the one who is speaking to them”.

During the inauguration event of 17 of the 40 branches of the Welfare Bank what will be in Morelos for the dispersal of resources from the different federal government social programs, he assured that, unlike other times, in Mexico “now there is an authentic democracy; government of the people, for the people and with the people. And everyone is served, everyone is listened to, everyone is respected, but humble people are given preference. For the good of all, first the poor”.

He announced that he will continue “visiting all the towns so that, together, from below, we continue to carry out the transformation of Mexico, not only for us, because we are already on our way out, we can even say thanks to the life that has given us so much.

“My opponents already say that I’m already in shock. Yes, yes, yes, but I still feel lucid, that is, I have clarity regarding the ideas that I have held all my life. And physically too, I’m still hitting over 300”.

Among all, he said, we have to “continue transforming the country and already think about the new generations.”

The director of Welfare Bank, Victor Lamoyi Bocanegrareported that to date there is already a network of 949 branches operating nationwide, of the 2,700 that will be built in total to serve more than 25 million beneficiaries of social programs.

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