AMLO: digital disenchantment

In the middle of the six-year term, the digital perception of Andrés Manuel López Obrador is consistent with the measurements of the presidential approval: half of the population (50.71%) express sympathy, while a third (33.38%) expressly express their rejection of him. Tabasco politician.

The polls reflect the rates of agreement or disagreement with the performance of the federal Executive, while the monitoring of the blessed social networks better reflects social humor. And from data mining, with a descriptive-deductive typology, Dinamic Company has developed an indicator that identifies the pulse of spectrum users on AMLO.

Here, nobody has any other data. And although today the majority expresses confidence in the actions of López Obrador, disenchantment with the presidential figure has grown in the first half of the six-year term. When the federal Executive celebrated its third year in power, 15.9% of the comments on social networks were about their disillusionment with the Fourth Transformation.

The conversation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram reflects expectations and frustrations; the longings and complaints of those who live in cyberspace. Its monitoring and analysis allows to discern noise, eliminate biases and isolate induced accounts, whether they are trolls or influencers.

The health contingency generated by the pandemic and the subsequent economic recession would explain this impact on the minds of users of social networks, where the Fourth Transformation has built a good part of its foundations.

In social networks, the majority give their opinion and want to give their opinion on everything. He talks with others he meets through the network, he joins horizontal societies that end up more important than parties and ideologies.

Amlovers dominate digital monitoring. “The only thing that matters to them is how the president tells his story,” journalist Tere Vale, a partner in the pages of El Economista, recently reflected on her social networks. “It doesn’t matter if they are lies or not. They despise reality and want to hear the most successful storyteller in Mexico ”.

Not to mention: polarization is reflected in the measurements. And practically six out of 10 users of social networks in Mexico express blind trust towards AMLO, in addition to celebrating government decisions, while three out of 10 reject and recriminate his morning narratives.

Dinamic Co. conducts digital monitoring in half a dozen nations in the Latin American hemisphere and a system to predict the vote through artificial intelligence is its recent contribution to the electoral marketing industry. Augusto Del Río Lima is in charge of operations in Mexico, where he identified that 7% of users of social networks expressed disenchantment, in June 2019. A year later, this indicator rose 4 points and at the end of 2021 it registered 15 per hundred.

Del Río Lima explains that this increase has more to do with citizens’ fed up with the recriminations that AMLO repeatedly formulates against his adversaries, rather than the failures of government management. Those negative signs, he adds, create an environment of polarization.

His popularity – acknowledges the expert – remains unscathed, but the president will have to build bridges of detente and seek effective solutions to daily problems in the remainder of his term.

Side effects

MARAÑAS. The dispute for 3,000 million pesos delivered by the Infonavit board of directors to the owners of the mortgage mobility and portfolio regularization programs that made up a “comprehensive solution” and that led to an embezzlement of the coffers of that institution, entered a litigious spiral whose end is one of reserved prognosis.

Alberto Aguirre


Vital signs

Journalist and columnist for El Economista, author of Doña Perpetua: el poder y la opulencia de Elba Esther Gordillo. Elba Esther Gordillo against the SEP.

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