AMLO: decree to shield priority projects is an agreement to streamline procedures

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured this Tuesday that the decree with which the projects and works considered priority are declared in charge of the Government of Mexico as in the public interest and national security it was for streamline procedures and “that because of the bureaucratic procedures the works do not stop,” he said.

The measure, announced in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) Monday afternoon, it is aimed at initiatives in sectors such as border, customs, hydraulic, ports, airports and railways, telecommunications, environment, health and tourism.

The published agreement instructs the administration to grant provisional authorization to start these projects within five business days to “guarantee their timely execution.” “After this period has elapsed without the issuance of an express provisional authorization, it will be considered resolved in a positive sense,” he adds.

During his morning conference, the President assured that this decree is so that “confidence can be given to the institutions and companies that are working on the Maya Trend, so that the procedures they have to do to carry out the works are more expeditious and that they are also given time to present all the documentation, “he said.

“It is an internal matter, between agencies,” he said.

The president pointed out that the decree is for, for example, that the Environment Secretary help the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, or help Fonatur “In the companies that are working on the Mayan Train, so that the work does not stop, because we have to move forward, we have to conclude the works,” he said.

He assured that this agreement has nothing to do with transparency, “The secretariats, we are all obliged to render accounts,” he said.

He emphasized that this decree is so that the works can be finished, because, he said, if someone puts an amparo 120 days after the construction of the Mayan Train is finished, “we are no longer finished,” he said.

Inai analyzes agreement

The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) reported in a statement that it will analyze the agreement with which the works and projects of the federal government are considered of public interest and national security, to ensure that this does not violate the right to access information and the principle of “maximum publicity.”

The Inai pointed out that when the works and projects of the Government, the agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration they can reserve the information related to these.

In the statement, he indicated that the specialized areas of the Institute “study the scope of the agreement and, if necessary, explore the different legal avenues to undertake to ensure that the right of access to the company’s information is guaranteed, without any restriction.” .

On Monday, the director of the Institute, Eduardo Bohorquez, considered that this agreement is worrying, since this could hinder transparency and access to government information.

He stressed that with this decision the federal administration renounces that society is an “ally of the government in the fight against corruption.”

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