AMLO breaks diplomatic codes with Panama

Mexico City. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently replaced the diplomatic codes he had signaled that he would send the map that sent the Gobierno de Panamá with what he saw as the posture of Pedro Salmerón, accused of having sexually abusive sex, to be an ambassador.

However, the president also accused diplomatic cadets of confronting the Panamanian chancellor Erika Mouynes:

In diplomacy, it does not justify the benefits, simply does not respond to the pais that it solicited. In this case, the Gobierno panamed on the need to send a card to the President AMLO explaining his posture in front of the multiple accusations of sexual harassment that arrested Pedro Salmerón.

Between the cases in which the Mexicans did not receive the unoccupied address the Porfirio Muñoz Ledo. United Kingdom did not respond to a request for comment during the Malvinas War. The Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher.

This Diary has submitted a solicitation of comments to the Embassy and the Ministry of External Relations of Panama without receiving any reply from the publisher.

The new president’s proposition is Jesus Rodríguez, the world’s leading man who has the minimum number of diplomatic acquaintances.

¿En riesgo?

Bilateral trade between Panama and Mexico increased by $ 1,390 million (2019, last updated by the Secretariat of Economy). The level of imports is low (33 million dollars) in relation to exports (1,256).

Mexico buys Panamanian aceite, fans, airlines and ron, among other products.

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