AMLO assures that Jiménez Pons’ departure was due to a delay in the work of the Mayan train

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador indicated that one of the factors he took to remove Rogelio Jiménez Pons as head of Fonatur and in charge of the construction of the Maya train was the lack of commitment to that project which caused a delay in work.

During his conference in National PalaceWithout naming Jiménez Pons, the federal president said that, in his opinion, politics is action and action is persuasion.

“It is that we must complete these works and we need those who are responsible who are fully as promised, who do not stop at anything, and who apply themselves thoroughly. The working method to be able to perform a job requires an assignment, and constant permanent supervision is required, ”he said. AMLO on an explicit question as to the reasons for it Rogelio Jimenez Pons.

López Obrador argued that if the construction of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport progresses, it is because it is under the control of General Gustavo Vallejo, and the construction of the refinery of two mouthsTabasco, by the Secretary of Energy, Dew Nahle.

“We are very sorry, we are sorry, but above all is the best interest, the interest of the people and the nation, and we have a commitment to the transformation of the country. We can love a person very much, but if that person does not apply himself, is not enthusiastic, does not have enough convictions, does not internalize that we are living in a historical time (…) if he thinks it is the same routine life of government, that all this is orthodox, flat, that no matter how much time passes, then it is not to understand that a transformation is a profound change, a revolution of conscience, He continued.

The federal president said that in his government, “we are not going to consider that they are friends or colleagues, but it seems that they are not giving results.”

For this reason, he maintained that with the appointment of Javier May as head of Fonatur and the work of the Mayan trend, this work will be completed and will be inaugurated in December 2023. He argued that his government already had an agreement with the contracted companies so that they would be paid as soon as they completed the work on time, and they would also have an acknowledgment on the license plate opening.

“Politics does not even become a statesman, politics becomes a man of the nation,” López Obrador said.

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