AMLO asks to wait for more information on the execution of 17 people in Michoacán

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador indicated this Monday that we must wait for more information about what happened on Sunday afternoon in the town of San José de Gracia, Michoacanwhere the execution of a group of people was reported through social networks.

During his usual morning conference, López Obrador said that in the report sent to him by the Michoacan Prosecutor’s Office and the state government, it is indicated that no bodies were found at the scene.

“Yes, there is evidence that there was a confrontation, there are shell casings, I believe some remains, but not the bodies, because there is talk on social networks of 17 shots,” he said. AMLO.

The president said that hopefully it is not true that 17 people were killed, and that this Monday more information about what happened will surely be released.

On the afternoon of February 27, the aggression with gunshots was reported through social networks. Firearms against a group of people who were at a wake.

On Sunday the Attorney General of the State of Michoacán (FGE) indicated that when they arrived at the site, it had just been washed and no victims were found; however, in a bag they found containers of Cleaning products.

He added that percussive cartridges of firearms calibers .9mm, 7.72, 5.56 and 45 millimeters were collected at the scene, and a motorcycle and two vehicles that had damage from firearms were secured. He said that a research folder.

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